How do I buy?

To purchase a Bison Tough product, you will need coordinate with an authorized dealer. We don’t sell directly to consumers.

How much does a bed cost?

There are many options and sizes so its difficult to give an exact price. The following does not include the cost to install and dispose of your old bed if you have one. To give you an idea a short bed truck with led lights including lights on the square tube header and all standard features is MSRP $2320. A long bed single wheel is MSRP $2420. A pipe header with all standard features and no lights on the header is MSRP $1900 for a short bed and MSRP $1950 for a long bed single wheel. Contact a local dealer for more detailed pricing.

How much does a replacement bumper cost?

With a purchase of a flatbed truck bed, heavy duty front replacement bumpers are around MSRP $850.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Bison Tough offers a limited lifetime structural warranty to the original purchaser for every new bumper and bed sold. Warranty does not include shipping or installation after 3 years. Warranty excludes installation defects, abuse and paint fade.

What safety advantages does Bison Tough Truck Flatbeds have?

Your safety is our priority. All our beds are overbuilt and designed to daily commercial use. Bison Tough Truck Beds are made out of the best materials and scrutinized detail by detail to achieve and exceed all DOT standards.

Why LED lights?

We wanted our lights to be the hardest-working and safest option possible. LEDs last longer and have better visibility than traditional incandescent. We know the work doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, and when one diode dies, the rest keep on running. If you are old school we can provide non LED lights too.

What does the installation process look like?

When can the optional features be added?

Any of Bison Tough’s optional features, such as mud flaps, side rails, spare tire kits and wiring adapters, can be added during or after installation at your convenience.

Can I buy a bed without installation?

Yes the prices in the other FAQ are without installation. Factor in a starting cost of about $500 for installation.

When was Bison Tough founded?

BISONTOUGH was founded in 2017. Our beds and bumpers are made exclusively for BISONTOUGH by manufacturers who have been making flatbeds and bumpers for over 15 years.